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* 유틸리티/통신 ::    EMIRATES AIRLINE
With head office operations in Dubai and corporate stations around the world, Emirates’ Internal Audit department must review more than 300 audit centers. The team spent considerable time downloading, formatting and preparing data for review of critical business information. The process was prone to errors and omissions, while the data was often fragmented.

* 유통 ::    Dean Foods
Dean Foods
Automates SOX privileged access control compliance with ACL technology
“Using ACL technology, the company improved efficiency in meeting Sarbanes-Oxley IT User Provisioning control requirements.”
Chris Jackson, User Provisioning Process Owner, Dean Foods ...more
* 의료 ::    Baptist Health System, Inc.
Baptist Health System, Inc. (BHS) is one of the largest health care systems in Alabama and one of the state’s largest employers. BHS is a not-for-profit, 501(c) corporation that owns and manages four hospitals in the state of Alabama. Founded in Birmingham in 1922 by a group of Baptist congregations, BHS has approximately 4,300 employees in addition to almost 500 credentialed physicians.
“Working with ACL technology has elevated our reputation as a trusted resource. The internal audit group is increasingly viewed as a business partner that adds significant value to the organization.”
Brantley Synco, Director of Audit Services
* 유통 ::    Westfield Group
Continuous AP monitoring technology identifies duplicate vendor invoices

* 비지니스서비스 ::    Siemens Financial Services, Inc.
Automated controls testing elevates an ACL continuous monitoring solution
“Our ACL continuous monitoring solution helps us work much more efficiently. We’ve reduced our dependency on manual controls and streamlined our SOX testing approach.”
--Jason A. Gross, CPA, CIA, CFE, CISA, ACDA, Vice President, Controls Management--
Company Profile ...more
* 의료 ::    Mercy Health
Mercy Health
Recovers duplicate and erroneous payments with ACL Continuous Auditing
“The value of ACL goes far beyond Internal Audit. It’s a sophisticated solution that provides a considerable ROI.”
Jill Hatfield, VP, Business Risk
* 의료 ::    Greater Baltimore Medical Center
Greater Baltimore Medical Center (GBMC) includes the Greater Baltimore Medical Associates (GBMA), Gilchrist Hospice Care, and the GBMC Foundation.
Founded in Towson, Maryland in 1965, the 281-bed medical center handles more than 26,700 inpatient cases and 60,000 emergency room visits annually.
GBMC is one of the largest private sector employers in Baltimore County, with over 3,500 staff, including 1,300 physicians and 1,200 nurses.
* 은행과 금융 ::    Dhanlaxmi Bank Ltd
Company Profile
Incorporated in November 1927 at Kerala, India, Dhanlaxmi Bank Ltd. began with just Rs 11,000 (US $246) in capital and seven employees. In 1977, it was designated a Scheduled Commercial Bank by the Reserve Bank of India. Today, Dhanlaxmi Bank has 4,000 employees, 270 branches and annual revenues of
US $2.52 billion. The bank offers a full portfolio of consumer and corporate financial products, plus Non-Resident Indian, micro-lending, and agricultural banking services.
“Finding the right audit technology partner was critical for our growing organization. ACL has been the perfect choice for Dhanlaxmi Bank.” ...more
* 은행과 금융 ::    T.C. ZiRAAT BANKASI A.Ş.
Company Profile
Founded in 1863, T.C. Ziraat BankasI A.Ş. is the largest bank in Turkey. The state-owned institution provides banking, financial, insurance and credit card services at over 1,300 branches, 50 special operations centers, and 25 bureaus in Turkey and in 17 countries around world. Ziraat Bank is headquartered in Ankara, with over 23,000 employees and annual net profits of US $2.4 billion.
“ACL has been a crucial resource for our organization. We’ve enhanced audit efficiency and productivity, while detecting fraud and fund misappropriation with secure faster analysis”
Ali ARAS, President of Audit Department
* 은행과 금융 ::    Bank of India
Customer Profile
Founded in 1906, Bank of India offers both retail and corporate services from over 3,200 branches across the country and 24 foreign branches outside national borders. Bank of India is headquartered in Mumbai, with 41,000+ employees and US $4,659 million in annual revenues as of March, 2010.
“ACL technology has dramatically increased our audit confidence and coverage. The investment has already paid for itself and will continue to provide real value to our business.”
Shri A.K. Mahajan, General Manager
* 정부 ::    North Carolina Office of the State Auditor
“ACL AuditExchange 2.0 will allow our agency to automate analytic testing and quickly find anomalies for further review. An auditor can run an analytic, get the exceptions in a report, and make a judgment call about what further action needs to be taken – all within a secure server environment
that will facilitate agency-wide collaboration.”

* 의료 ::    Palomar Pomerado Health
“AuditExchange 2.0 enables real-time communication between auditors, stakeholders and management. It’s a huge advantage for our continuous monitoring plan and the improved security strengthens our ongoing
compliance efforts.”

* 비지니스서비스 ::    Dun & Bradstreet
“AuditExchange 2.0 will fundamentally transform how we manage spending and evaluate compliance. Reporting that was previously non-existent will now provide senior leadership with a clear picture of our control environment.”

* 은행과 금융 ::    AXIS Bank
AXIS Bank implements a strategic risk monitoring plan with ACL audit analytics
“ACL technology has empowered our team to achieve our strategic goals. Without a doubt, ACL has given top management greater confidence in all our audit activities.”
Nabankur Sen, Vice President
* 은행과 금융 ::    First Hawaiian Bank - AuditExchange
First Hawaiian Bank achieves targeted continuous monitoring with ACL AuditExchange
“ACL consultants helped us overcome our data access challenges with an organized AuditExchange roll-out. Now we know how to prioritize our time and resources.”

* 정부 ::    National Audit Office of Finland
More Effective Financial Audits with ACL Technology

* 은행과 금융 ::    Advertising Audit & Risk Management
AARM delivers best-in-class risk management with ACL

* 비지니스서비스 ::    Harrah’s Entertainment Inc.
Harrah’s navigates rapid corporate growth with ACL Audit Analytics

* 은행과 금융 ::    BNP Paribas
BNP Paribas
Managing Global Risk and Compliance with ACL
With business interests in over 85 countries, complying with the myriad of international and local regulations proved a massive challenge for BNP Paribas. Its legacy reporting and investigation tools were inaccurate, incredibly time-consuming and unable to scale to meet the demands of the global business. As a result, BNP Paribas embarked upon a comprehensive upgrade of its auditing capability and today benefits from detailed data analytics and a consistent global accounting standard provided by ACL.
* 유틸리티/통신 ::    TELUS Communications Inc.
Extending Operational Excellence with Continuous Monitoring(한글자료)
-ACL CCM(상시감시) 구축사례 소개

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